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    • I agree that this Booking Form is solely for the purpose of collating information needed by VOM (Victoria Orenze Music) in order to consider the invitation/request.
    • I agree that where applicable and depending on the nature of each meeting/event the following(but not limited to ) - travel expenses, fees, visa processing fees, covid testing, lodging and feeding etc, might be required and should VOM confirm the invitation, more details will be included in an agreement letter that will be sent via email.
    • I agree that VOM content/ Ministration at this event will not be sold, reproduced or distributed for a fee without the consent or written permission of VOM.
    • I agree that to the best of my knowledge, every information provided is correct.
    • I agree that VOM reserves the right to rescind/withdraw when it is discovered that any information provided by potential hosts is false.
    • I agree that submission of this form and an acknowledgement of same by VOM does not in any way CONFIRM the request/invitation until expressly stated in a confirmation email that will be sent from the official VOM email.
    • I agree that this invite has been prayerfully considered by myself/ organization before filling.
    • Kindly note that all bookings are prayerfully vetted and considered by VOM. Hence, a response will be followed after this due process.


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